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Discuss, do not disrupt

Road To Nowhere: A deserted Park Street flyover on the day of the Trinamul bandh

Ranadip Ganguly,
Diamond Park

We should take proper steps to unite the political parties to avoid bandhs. Bandhs disturb business and the daily lives of the people. The political parties should settle matters among themselves through dialogue, discussion and interactive session. We elect our representatives to ease our problems, not to aggravate them.

Sohini Roy,
Sarat Chatterjee Avenue

Look at it this way. Most of us complain about long hours of work. Bandh is a good way of relaxing. Why canít we have a week-long bandh'

Rahul Roy,

The government holds the key to tackle the bandhs. It should beef up security on bandh days. It should also see that people at least get emergency services like transport and hospital facilities. Our work does not stop when political parities call bandhs for their own interests.

Tanima ChakrabArty,

We should all come forward and treat a bandh day as a normal working day by going to our respective workplaces. For this we need the police to support us in order to avoid any untoward incident. We should not treat a bandh day as another holiday. For people in the services like us, a casual leave is very costly. Political leaders should solve the problem amongst themselves without disrupting our routine.

Ranadip Ganguly,
Diamond Park

Effective measures should be adopted to avoid bandhs. The political parties should solve their differences by holding meetings. A 48-hour bandh or even a 12-hour bandh disturbs the daily work of thousands. For example, for daily wagers, a day without work means no food and no money. Political leaders should think about these aspects too.

T.R. Anand,
Budge Budge

The Supreme Court should ban the concept of political bandhs. It should give all the state governments a standing order to stop disrupting the normal life of thousands. Any leader or political party defying the ruling should be put behind bars.

Indranil Sanyal,

Political leaders, protesters and agitators should be arrested and punished for disrupting normal routines and calling bandhs. The leaders should meet up and discuss matters amongst themselves and avoid such confusion. On the bandh days, all emergency services like transport and health facilities should be provided.

Md Ssarfaraz Alam,

There is no way that we can do away with bandhs. But we should take certain steps so that the bandh is peaceful. We should complete all our work before the bandh. Emergency services like hospital, blood bank, trains and buses should not be withdrawn.

Vinay Shrestha,
Salkia, Howrah

A bandh can be tackled if we have the courage to defy bandhs. We should treat the bandh day as a normal day and go to work. If transport is a problem, workers can stay overnight at their workplaces to start work on the next day. Police should give us extra security on bandh days.

Ujjal Bhattacharya,
CIT Road

The government and people like us should join hands to tackle bandhs. The process may be slow but we need to initiate it now. The political parties should negotiate and solve their problems. Bandh is never an advisable protest path.

S.S. Almal,
Lower Rawdon Street

Bandhs cannot be tackled without the help of the government. Nowadays, politics has become very complicated. People like us should come ahead and correct the policies along with the government.

Neepabithi Ghosh
Singer and television producer

The only way to tackle bandhs is to ignore them. As a weapon of protest, it is like an atom bomb which destroys more than it achieves. Bandhs have become dime a dozen and personal risk is the only reason which keeps people indoors. I do not take my car out but if the production house sends me transport I always attend work. The problem is since we are dependant on junior technicians, even if, say, the editor and the cameraman come, work cannot get done in the absence of assistants who stay in the suburbs. And all it takes to stop a train is one man squatting on the tracks.

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