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At times democratically elected political leaders do not reflect public opinion. When they don’t, we who elect them do not have the privilege of voting them out as we please because elections are held once in five years. There is little doubt that five days of bandh in a month is a torment even Bengal finds hard to put up with. The tragic death of Tapasi Malik in Singur is to be mourned by all of us. For the administration, the task is to find the culprit. Accepting Mamata Banerjee’s demand, the chief minister has agreed to a CBI probe and appealed to her to call off the Thursday-Friday bandh and her fast. But she has stuck to her call. Since we cannot vote with our hands against bandhs of all kinds and colours, vote with your feet. Walk to work, if necessary, during the two-day bandh. And on any bandh — Trinamul or Citu. As the Telegraph-Mode opinion poll shows below, the majority want to work. DEFY BANDHS.

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