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The other message
The report of the Sachar Committee is informative, meticulous and restrained. It has tested generally held prejudices and preconceptions about Muslims, and proved many to be wrong. It tells us graphically what it means to be a Muslim in India; even m...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Open and shut case
Sir — The editorial, “Strike again” (Dec 15), could not have been more accurate in showcasing the c ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir — The Calcutta police should immediately force all taxis to install electronic metres. Some tax ...  | Read.. 
The Bengalis have long proved to be the worst enemies of Bengal’s promise. If there was an illusion of things changing, Ms Ma...| Read.. 
What looks like a choice is often necessity. In India, the language of a ‘free’ market can often be misleading. When the poor...| Read.. 
Rulers in their boxes
The forest rights bill, as it is called, has passed muster in the Lok Sabha but needs to be ratified by the upper house befor...  | Read.. 
History waiting to be made
At last, our mealy-mouthed bureaucracy has been upstaged by none other than the prime minister, Manmohan Singh. Returning from Japan — India’s newly-minted friend and partner,...  | Read.. 
All that glitters is very expensive
People in India largely think of non-resident Indians as a group of extremely privileged people soaking in all the comforts Western urban life has to offer. After all, we must...  | Read.. 
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