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Turning back time
An ugly wrinkle has appeared almost, it seems, from nowhere. Youíre too scared to try surgery or even a needle-administered dose of Botox. Whatís the answer' ...  | Read.. 
Swiss roll
St Moritz isnít known as Switzerlandís most famous winter resort for nothing! Itís glam and glitzy, seriously ...  | Read.. 
My Weekend
I really treasure the odd weekend when my schedule is not overrun by rehearsals, shoots and performances. And whenever a long ...  | Read.. 
My dream car
Speed thrills me. I love to zoom about and my dream car is a Ferrari ...  | Read.. 
On the wagon
Yeh to pichhey sey Wagon R lagti hai, aur aagey sey choti Innova,Ē pronounced Paramjeet, the driver ...  | Read.. 
Ole! Barcelona
I love Europe! Of all the parts of the world I have been to, it is the closest I come to feeling at home. Every time I step o ...  | Read.. 
Hard Candy is much like Derailed. It sends a shiver down your spine. It is about how a 14-year-old girl gets in ...  | Read.. 
Turning back time
Holiday highs
Colourful legacy
Mumís the word!