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Pictures of power
Over the years, India has witnessed passionate debates over the writing of its history. Under the National Democratic Alliance government, Murli Manohar Joshi began the process of purging history textbooks of their alleged Marxist slant. The move dre...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Sinful act
Sir — Ashok Mitra in his article, “A very special act” (Nov 27), seems to imply that India is under ...  | Read.. 
Hold your tongue
Sir — The decision of the Tamil Nadu chief minister, M. Karunanidhi, to use Tamil in the Madras hi ...  | Read.. 
When Ms Sonia Gandhi sneezes, Mr Manmohan Singh and his cabinet do not catch a cold, they get pneumonia. The president of the...| Read.. 
Sourav Ganguly must be rewriting that famous description of mixed feelings in seeing one’s mother-in-law drive one’s new BMW ...| Read.. 
The big, boring wedding
A journalist from a news weekly called the other day to gather information on embassy parties, one of the most tedious events...  | Read.. 
When you get angry, they tell you, count to five before you reply. Why should I count to five' It’s what happens before you count to five which makes life interesting. — DAVID HARE
Abodes of the divine
MOSQUES (Roli, Rs 695) by Razia Grover celebrates the ...  | Read.. 
Brave new world
MAKING GLOBALIZATION WORK By Joseph E. Stiglitz, Allen Lane, Rs 595...  | Read.. 
Please, not again
The Holocaust of Indian Partition: An Inquest By Madhav Godbole Rupa, ...  | Read.. 
The family heirloom
I, Durga Khote: An Autobiography Translated by Shanta Gokhale Oxford, R...  | Read.. 
Talking on paper
‘Who do you write for'’ is the central question for all publishers of ficti...  | Read.. 

Of heroes destined not to die