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The Bond you didnít see
Sue Clark is a little surprised to hear that in India a couple of the love scenes in Casino Royale have been trimmed. ďWe had absolutely no problem with the sex scenes,Ē says the spokeswoman for the British Board of Film Classificat...  | Read.. 
If itís Kafka, itís got to be Hindi
If you think Hindi publishing is all about Hanuman Chalisa, Gulshan Nanda or Jasoosi stories, think again. From Bulandshahr t ...  | Read.. 
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Bowing before Brand Bond
Hollywood stole a march over Bollywood last week as Casino Royale clearly outshone the two Bollywood releases Rehguzar and Janani. Actually, there was no comparison between them as the Bond film opened to 60 to 80 per cent houses whereas the two Hin...  | Read.. 
That sting thing
The practice began a good five years ago ó tiny cameras hidden in handbags or pens of journalists that intruded into the dark recesses of homes and offices of people of consequence to bring out elements of truth that rocked the whole nation. Sting jo...  | Read.. 
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The Bond you didnít see
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