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Democracy sting and Stalin swipe
Nepal’s Maoist leaders Pushpa Kamal Dahal, better known as Prachanda, and Baburam Bhattarai are not impressed enough with Indian democracy — not even the kind their Left comrades practise — to want to emulate it. ...  | Read.. 
Dam for dam to beat China
Waking up to the possibility of China building a gigantic dam on the Brahmaputra — known as Yarlung Tsangpo in the Tibetan Autonomous Region — the water resources ministr ...  | Read.. 
Delhi firm on Afghan role
India today said it will continue to take part in the reconstruction of Afghanistan despite threats from the Taliban. ...  | Read.. 
RSS film relents on Sikhs
Ahead of the Assembly elections in Punjab, the producers of an RSS film have deleted a controversial scene that showed Sikhs being protected by Hindus at the time of Partit ...  | Read.. 
Prince on bike rips up greens
His conversion to golf was touted as a lifestyle change — away from the binges, bust-ups and fast cars to leisurely strolls on the greens and genteel conversation. ...  | Read.. 
Former Indian cricket captain Mohammed Azharuddin and his wife Sangeeta Bijlani watch a polo match in Jaipur. (PTI)
RTI helpline in officer’s memory
Court order for truant bookie
Prithvi test
CPM leaders shot
Dragon’s business belly growls
A China hungry for new markets and enhanced influence in Asia will undoubtedly push for deeper ..  | Read.. 
Cong-Mamata boat rocking
The fledgling Congress-Trinamul Congress relationship in Bengal received a body blow today with..  | Read.. 
Fast-track Lalu claims top spot
If wishes were horses, Lalu Prasad would be Manmohan Si ...  | Read.. 

Surrender scandal
Two former soldiers who allegedly asked four Kashmiri y ...  | Read.. 

Kidnapper a wannabe Dhoom dude
If a movie is made on the twists, turns and flip-flops ...  | Read.. 

Ad riders for radio
The government’s new policy on community radio sta ...  | Read.. 

Rs 2-lakh rap for botched surgery
The State Consumer Commission has asked a hospital and a su ...  | Read.. 

Record turnout to bell kinder CAT
Two-and-a-half hours of examination time instead of the ...  | Read..