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Too clever by half
Ever since the human resource development minister, Arjun Singh, decided that brazenness was the only road to relevance, quotas and reservations have come to dominate the social agenda of the Congress and, by implication, the United Progressive Allia...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Just deal
Sir — The proposed bill to introduce a new law in India to hold “corrupt” judges accountable is und ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir — I am a Muslim woman who voluntarily started wearing the abaya/burqa sometime ba ...  | Read.. 
The guarding of secrets is one of the main preoccupations of power. In the public realm, such secrets are often the result of...| Read.. 
Pretensions, like old habits, die hard. Even after nearly thirty years in power, the leftists in Bengal cannot do without a p...| Read.. 
Is Spring Far Behind'
The winter, the crisp, cold weather, the bright sunny days are trying, without success, to envelop Delhi. This city is going ...  | Read.. 
The intellectual’s problem is not vision, it’s commitment. You enjoy biting the hand that feeds you, but you’ll never bite it off. — TREVOR GRIFFITHS
Trial of Empire
The Scandal of Empire: India and the Creation of Imperial Britain By Nich...  | Read.. 
The great masters
The Lost World of Hindustani Music, By Kumar Prasad Mukherji, Penguin...  | Read.. 
Democracy subverted
J.P. in Jail: An Uncensored Account By M.G. Devasahayam, Roli, Rs 495 Read.. 
Thrilling heights
After Midnight By Robert Ryan, Review, £ 4.25...  | Read.. 
Watch the market grow
The English language book market has an upside and downside in India. The u...  | Read.. 

When love and hate collide