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Should classic films be remade'

No, Rather they should be preserved for generations to see. Instead of remaking them, producers and directors should try and add to the list.

Mir Rafae Mohammad
Bhawanipur Education Society

No, classics are like pleasant memories and trying to ‘remake’ them is utter nonsense. Has Bollywood run out of ideas'

Swairik Das
St Xavier’s College, Calcutta

Yes. A film is set in a particular period of time. But times change and viewers change. People would love to see a modern version of an old story.

Dibyendu Nath
North 24 Parganas

No. Oldies should not be touched. It isn’t without reason that remakes have to face a lot of unfavourable comparison with the originals.

Koushik Mondal

No. All classic films remain embedded in the minds of the viewers. If one is remade, the audience finds it difficult to accept the new version.

Shalini Gupta
Jadavpur University

No, will anyone appreciate an artist trying to re-create the Mona Lisa' Film making is a piece of art too. No film should ever be ‘remade’.

Anunoy Samanta

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