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FBI activates hijack alarm
A hijack warning from the FBI today prompted the government to deploy marshals on aircraft and commandos at key airports, already on high alert after an unsigned letter threatened al Qaida bomb attacks earlier this week. ...  | Read.. 
Dispur scouts for special cops
A string of militant attacks has forced Dispur to bolster the intelligence network with more special police officers. ...  | Read.. 
Surgery over, crack same
Orthopaedic surgeon John Bera was once forced to amputate a forearm of a patient with a simple fracture and he has gazed in astonishment at X-ray images of a fracture before and after surgery with no change in bone pos ...  | Read.. 
How to eat peas, the gentlemanly way
Businessmen from India and other countries take British etiquette lessons
Indian executives climbing the corporate ladder and having to deal increasingly with businessmen from other cultures are being offered lessons on etiquette and good manners b ...  | Read.. 
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with their children Zahara and Maddox in front of the Gateway of India on Sunday. ...  | Read
Maybe Iíll put on a wig and go see Shakira

Hugo Chavez
All the kingís hopeful men
Jagat Gauchan, diehard royalist and former minister, caused a minor sensation when he shouted & ...  | Read..
Drunk youths run over 7
A group of allegedly drunk youths in a Toyota Corolla ran over and killed two children and five ...  | Read..