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Hatchet buried over lunch
President Bush reconciled with Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi after Democrats gave his Republicans a trouncing on Election Day, but not before handing House Republican leaders a long legislative wish-list for the “lame duck” session that they will orchestrate. ...  | Read.. 
Mahathir ill
Former Malaysian Premier Mahathir Mohamad, 81, suffered a mild heart attack and was taken to hospital today, soon after confessing that a very public feud with his successor ...  | Read.. 
Lanka sinks Tiger boats
Sri Lanka’s military said it sank 22 Tamil Tiger boats in a sea battle today after what it said was a rebel attempt to sink a passenger ship with 300 civilians aboard in ...  | Read.. 
Nancy Pelosi with Bush at the White House on Thursday. (AP)
Hatchet buried over lunch
After China one-child policy, it’s one dog now
First it was one child. Now families in Beijing will be allowed only one dog...  | Read.. 
Obscure UK firm car faster than a Ferarri
It’s hardly a household name amongst supercar makers, but yesterday Bristol Cars, a tiny a..  | Read..