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ĎLet the media do their workí

Q: Can you tell us something about your character in Kaajjal'

I am playing the title role of Kaajjal whoís a smalltown simple girl. She works as a radio announcer and is very famously known. She is very bubbly and talkative. She misses her dead mother a lot. The people whom Kaajjal loves the most are her father, her bua (aunt) and above all Gannu Bhaiya (Lord Ganesha) whom she treats as her best friend.

Q: How did you get this offer'

I was taking a break after Kahiin To Hoga. In this period of three to four months, the production house called me up to play this lead and I am so happy that everything has shaped up so very nicely.

Q: Why have all the characters portrayed by you until now met with untimely demises'

Itís not true. I only died in Kahiin To Hoga. In Kasautii Zindagii Kay I was the one who opted out as the character wasnít going ahead and I needed a break too.

Q: Was it a bitter experience' Whom do you blame for the Kasautii experience'

Absolutely no one at all. At the end of the day, itís the serialís requirements that have to be dealt with.

Q: Are we going to see your character meet a sad end in Kaajjal too'

(Laughs) Of course, not! Iím playing the lead role here.

Q: You are looking extremely beautiful in the promos. Whom do you give the credit for your looks'

The credit for this look goes to the showís creative team who took the pains to study every little detail of a simple girl residing in Mussourie.

Q: How do you cope with the pressures associated while shooting for daily soaps'

The positive energy around me helps me out in handling the pressure associated with the daily shoot schedules. And in addition to that, I have fallen in love with this character of Kaajjal, which pushes me to work harder.

Q: Will you be seen in Balaji soaps again'

I donít think it will be possible in the near future to work with Balaji Telefilms or for that matter any other production house, as I am busy with the shoot of Kaajjal. I enjoy one project at a time.

Q: How was the experience working with a senior actress like Rita Bhaduri'

Great! Rita Bhaduri is extremely sweet and a wonderful person to work with. I have learnt a lot from her. She was always there to help me out in the scenes.

Q: What about your experience with Apoorva Agnihotri' Was he cooperative, too'

I havenít shot much yet with Apoorva. But the work we have done till now is good. We had a good rapport on the sets and mingled with each other very well.

Q: How was your experience shooting in Mussourie'

We shot for 15 days in Mussourie. It was a very nice and pleasant experience working with the beautiful scenery, the mountains and the greenery around. Even the locals there were very helpful.

Q: You have been the subject of a lot of gossip like your enmity with Aamna Shariff and link-ups. How do you cope with all this moreso since you reside alone in the city'

I donít let gossip affect my personal life. Let the media do their work and I will do mine. In my heart if I know that I am right, then nothing affects me.

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