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Grisly murder of elderly couple

Calcutta, Nov. 4: A husband and wife in their sixties were killed in a gruesome manner at their central Calcutta home.

Amiyo Chatterjee, 67, and his wife Manu Chatterjee, 60, were lying in bed. Amiyo had injury marks on his private parts and the woman’s throat was slit.

The Chatterjees lived in the first floor of a two-storey house in Brajanath Dutta Lane.

Their son, Ambar Chatterjee, lives in the same house. The ground floor is shared by a tenant and Amiyo’s brother-in-law, Amar Mukherjee.

On Saturday, around 8.30 pm, Ambar returned home and found his parents’ room latched from outside. Inside, he found the couple lying in blood.

Ambar and his uncle, who was in the ground floor, later informed police.

“As soon as I heard my nephew’s voice I ran to the room. I found my sister lying with her throat slit open. Next to her was my brother-in-law. He was in his underwear and there were injury marks on his private parts,” Amar Mukherjee said.

Amiyo Chatterjee owns a small photocopy shop in Akrur Dutta Lane off College Street.

On Saturday morning, around 11.00 am, his wife spoke to her brother. “I spoke to her today morning and there was nothing suspicious then. My sister and brother-in-law had been living in this locality for 15 years and as far as I know they have no enemies,” Amar said.

“The injury marks suggest that a sharp weapon was used to execute the act. There is an injury mark about 6 inches deep in the throat of the lady,” said Gyanwant Singh, deputy commissioner, detective department.

The police are yet to establish any motive.

“Preliminary investigations suggest that the murders were not carried out for any gain. There must have been some other reason,” Singh added.

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