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The domino effect
There are few things as demeaning as nation-states being engulfed in hyphenated relationships. For more than five decades, until information technology injected a new dimension, India was trapped into a hyphenated relationship with Pakistan. India’s ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Modest proposals
Sir — The debate over the veil continues unresolved, with Shabana Azmi’s contention that women do n ...  | Read.. 
Sir — In my letter, published as “Parting shot” on October 27, a gross error had crept in. When the ...  | Read.. 
The Sensex’s ride to 13000 from the depths it plumbed in early June has been swift, with the index climbing 45 per cent in le...| Read.. 
Calcutta, as its keepers often like to remind themselves, is a city of traditions. One of the most important among these is c...| Read.. 
Heed The Rules, Win The Game
For India Inc., it is another confirmation that the country has arrived on the global stage. And the numbers are mindboggling...  | Read.. 
Some have no faith, and the others have faith exclusively in one religion and only bestow upon the others the sort of attention we give to strangely shaped shells. — SIMONE WEIL
Time’s sepoys
The Last Mughal: The fall of a dynasty By William Dalrymple, Penguin, R...  | Read.. 
Caste, class and new ways of looking at Indian society
Anti-Utopia: Essential writings of AndrÉ BÉteille Edited by Dipankar Gupta,...  | Read.. 
Behind the author’s veil
Here’s a true story to begin with. Sometime in the late Seventies, Virago,...  | Read.. 

Darkness under the lamp

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