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Shot: For Rs 40000 in Kali’s name

Krishnagar, Oct. 30: A mid- dle-aged Nadia businessman was gunned down in daylight today because he had refused to pay Rs 40,000 as Kali Puja subscription.

Mizanur Biswas had paid Rs 10,000 to the puja organisers but they asked for Rs 40,000 more. He then lodged a complaint with the local Dhantola police station, saying that he was being threatened for not bowing to their demand.

The police did nothing. Even the papers of the diary lodged by Mizanur were said to be missing today.

Nadia superintendent of police Ajay Nand enquired about the complaint this afternoon. It could not be traced.

“We are investigating into the matter and will make arrests soon,” the district police chief said.

The 45-year-old agri-product exporter was surrounded by five men, allegedly belonging to the gang of mobster Swapan Biswas, and shot at a marketplace near Gangnapur station around 8 am.

Three bullets hit Mizanur in the head, chest and stomach and he died on the spot.

Only a few days ago, puja organisers in Calcutta killed Bikram Jha, 20, an agent for a multi-national bank, who had also refused to pay the subscription they demanded.

The same night, five members of a Nadia family, inclu-ding two children, were attacked for the same offence. Joydeb Ghosh, his wife, children and brother were hit with rods and revolver butts and kicked and punched.

At Gangnapur, about 70 km from Calcutta, traders and hundreds of residents accused Swapan of getting Mizanur killed. They carried his body home in a procession and also beat up one Baikuntha Biswas for his alleged links with Swapan.

Rabin Pal, the chief of the local panchayat, said: “Swapan and his henchmen have made our lives miserable.”

Four personnel from the Dhantola police station, who went to bring the body for post-mortem, were confined to a room and told to get the culprits first.

Additional superintendent Subrata Mitra went to rescue them with a large force around 10 am. He was gheraoed.

Mitra did not know what to say when the people asked what the force had done in response to Mizanur’s October 20 diary. It took the officer over two hours to convince the Gangnapur residents that there would be a “full investigation” this time and the culprits arrested.

“We have launched a hunt for Swapan and the other criminals involved,” said Mitra.

Mizanur’s son, Jiaur, 25, said his father never refused subscription to any Kali Puja organiser. “But this year, Swapan Biswas’s puja committee demanded Rs 50,000. My father repeatedly requested them to accept Rs 10,000. But they wanted more.”

His widow Jharna, 42, is yet to fathom how he could be killed even after paying Rs 10,000. “He had good relations with everyone,” she said.

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