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Your article Email on the go (October 23) was very well researched and called for a second reading. The introduction of Mobile Blogs, an alternative option to communicate with our near and dear ones, is good news. Such developments will definitely make communication more interactive and interesting. I also have a request. Could you please publish some more stories on technology and the emerging trends' I am sure they will fascinate a lot of readers of your esteemed newspaper.

T.R. Anand

Staying fit

Exercise can beat cancer (October 16) vindicates the fact that regular exercise is more than needed to lead a longer and healthier life. Studies indicate that more and more married women are developing breast cancers these days. Itís also very alarming to note the steep rise in the number of cancer victims in recent years. They have to undergo a number of tests and therapies, like chemotherapy and radiotherapy, to lead a better life. These therapies are expensive and also take a toll on the patientís financial condition. But the suggestion that exercising regularly can help prevent breast cancer comes as a breather for many women.

Moloy Bhattacharya

Unhealthy rice

It was really heartening to know that young researchers from Jadavpur University, Calcutta, have invented a special type of rice cooker that can remove arsenic while cooking rice (Beware: Your rice may have arsenic, October 2). Itís well known that West Bengal has been plagued with the curse of arsenic content in water. But the revelation that the rice we eat may also contain a considerable amount of arsenic came as a shock. The researchers should be commended for their work.

B.N. Bose
Dum Dum Park

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