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Clauses, commas make a comeback
Mike Greiner teaches grammar to high school freshers in half-hour lessons, inserted between Shakespeare and Italian sonnets. He is an old-school grammarian, one of a defiant few in the Washington region who believe in spending large blocks of cl...  | Read.. 
In ‘church’ with Tom for £1000
There was a fairly simple system to the seating plan at the annual big money get-together of the Church of Scientology i ...  | Read.. 
Home alone
I like my mom and dad because they take me on trips abroad,” says five-year-old Rashi, showing her latest Singapore snaps. Rashi’s mother Uma Vaid, who works as a pu...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: Calling late
I suspect that we have earned for ourselves the dubious reputation of always being on time. Where once punctuality was considered a virtue, now people look askance at those, s...  | Read.. 
Cindy Crawford with daughter Kaya Jordan Gerber (left) and son Presley Walker Gerber at the Malibu Pier on Sunday. (AP)