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US woos China to enforce Korea sanctions
The US today insisted that China had an obligation to help enforce new UN sanctions on North Korea for its claimed nuclear test, despite Beijing’s misgivings over the risk of provoking Pyongyang. ...  | Read.. 
Nicole reaches out to women in Kosovo
Pledging to provide a voice for the troubled province, Nicole Kidman has begun a tour of Kosovo, her first as a UN goodwill ambassador to support women’s rights. ...  | Read.. 
Tibetan ‘shot like a dog’
A Romanian TV station has released a video that it said shows Chinese forces fatally shooting a Tibetan refugee who was with a group of people trying to flee to Nepal in an i ...  | Read.. 
UK veil row escalates
The British minister responsible for race and faith today called for a Muslim teaching assistant suspended for wearing a veil to be sacked, entering a growing row over integr ...  | Read.. 
North Korea’s ambassador to the UN, Pak Gil Yon, waits before the Security Council convened for the vote on Saturday. (AP)
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Duff mania
Swim feat
Dear Leader’s drink safe, ban or no ban
He’s known for swigging cognac and owning thousands of bottles of vintage French wine. His pri..  | Read.. 
300-million-strong US
America’s population is on track to hit 300 million on ..  | Read..