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China calls for tough reply
China, North Korea’s most important ally, today joined other world powers in calling for a tough response to the reclusive communist state’s announcement of a nuclear weapons test. ...  | Read.. 
US missile system ready for ‘operation’
A US army missile defence system has proven it can hit enemy ballistic missiles and is now in place in Hawaii where it could be used to respond to any threats from North Kore ...  | Read.. 
Crisis suits Pyongyang
The crisis on the Korean peninsula is likely to get worse and Pyongyang may want it that way. ...  | Read.. 
Govt, Maoists agree on polls
The second round of talks between top leaders of the ruling Seven-Party Alliance (SPA) and Maoist rebels ended this evening after they finalised the schedule for the constitu ...  | Read.. 
Dhaka riots
Nearly 200 people were injured in clashes between Bangladesh police and garment workers in Dhaka today, witnesses and police said. The clashes erupted when police tried to di ...  | Read.. 
Woman uses baby as weapon
An American woman accused of using her baby to batter her boyfriend said she didn’t realise what she was doing until it was too late. ...  | Read.. 
F-16 fighter jets prepare for take off at Misawa Air Base, northern Japan. (AP)
China calls for tough reply
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Hilton life
Italian MPs caught in drug sting
A popular Italian satirical TV show has exposed what appears to be widespread drug use among the co..  | Read.. 
Promiscuous' She goes Scarlett
Scarlett Johansson says that while monogamy might go against instinct, she is happy in her relation..  | Read.. 
Salman veil pat for Straw
Prime Minister Tony Blair and author Salman Rushdie praised ...  | Read..