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Alarm bells

The article Beware: Your rice may have arsenic (October 2) was a wonderful read. The revelation that the rice we consume daily may contain arsenic (due to contamination of water in the Brahmaputra) does ring an alarm bell for the people of West Bengal for whom rice is the staple food. Common knowledge says that boiling rice in a pressure cooker cleanses it of all impurities including arsenic content, if any. But the Jadavpur University engineers’ model of such an utensil does away with all such theories. In fact, it comes as a much needed innovation. Perhaps every health-conscious person should switch to cooking his or her rice in the new kind of pressure cooker.

T.R. Anand Calcutta

Of PCs and viruses

With reference to Avoid Pirated Windows XP, October 2, I would like to suggest that one may use Windows XP SP 1 or SP 2, but to protect the PC from virus attacks, it is necessary to install at least one anti virus programme. However, those using SP 2 do not install anti viruses. The problem of debugging is often solved by using TuneUp Utilities or WinXp Manager. First, Defragment the registry and hard disk. Clear the Prefetch (Start -> Run -> type Prefetch -> press Ctrl+ A -> Press Delete ->press Enter). Use Opera Browser or Firefox or IE 7 instead of IE 6. Most of us use pirated Windows XP Professional, but here it is suggested that one may use Windows XP Home that is priced at RS 3,500. The differences between XP Home and XP PRO can be checked out from Microsoft’s website. Without XP SP2 windows media player 11, IE 7 and Microsoft Office 2007 (Beta Released) can’t be installed. For Broadband users, anti spy ware is a must. Spybot- Search & Destroy is a better option than Ad-aware Se Personal. Users with less than 512 MB RAM need not go for a firewall as it will slow down PC performance.

R.B.D. Ahuja Via email

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