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Penguins’ feet and other odd questions
If you have ever wondered why hair turns grey, fingers get crinkled in the bath or if the Great Wall of China really is visible from space, Mick ’Hare has the answers....  | Read.. 
Smoking isn’t French any more
One of the most memorable scenes in French films is Jean-Paul Belmondo lifting his head, dragging on a cigarette and rub ...  | Read.. 
Walk dog to stay fit
Man’s best friend may also help keep their elderly owners healthy, but only if the dog owners regularly walk their pet ...  | Read.. 
New face of knitting: celebs and cafes
Move over granny. Knitting’s image in the US as a pastime for the blue-rinse set is being recast, as it gains cachet wi ...  | Read.. 
Try this bumpy ride
The turbaned guide smiles at you as you sit astride the camel. And before you know it, you lurch towards the ground, rising several feet into the air as the animal stands up, ...  | Read.. 
Victoria Beckham arrives for the Chanel spring-summer 2007 ready-to-wear collection show by designer Karl Lagerfeld in Paris on Friday. (AFP)