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A small word, big difference
It was the perfect quote to match a momentous occasion. As Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the Moon in 1969, a global audience of 500 million people on Earth watched and listened with bated breath. ...  | Read.. 
Hand on wheel, mind on sex
Over a million motorists think about sex rather than the road ahead and millions more who donít indulge in intimate tho ...  | Read.. 
Topshop row over Moss
It looked like a match made in high street heaven ó the most famous face in fashion teaming up with the most powerful wo ...  | Read.. 
Clean air can save 120,000
The World Health Organisation said on Thursday that drastically reducing air pollution in cities could prevent 120,000 death ...  | Read.. 
Fine mix of Orient and Occident
Graphics involves both the technique of making pictorials for printing as well as the aesthetics of visual arts. A printmaker persists in learning the technicalities of making...  | Read.. 
Lens and sensibility
Just before a little fern leaf, creeping up a foliage-covered Himalayan mountain path, is crushed underfoot and trampled into oblivion, someoneís camera lens zooms in on ...  | Read.. 
If music be the food of festivity...
The cityís predilection to re-discover its folk roots gave way to an interesting presentation at EZCCís Bharatiyam Cultural Multiplex on Mahasaptami (September 29)....  | Read.. 
Welcoming Durga
Laudable effort
Great visual impact
Actress Salma Hayek at a reception in Washington on Wednesday. (AP)