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China restraint call to Korea
China, the closest North Korea has to an ally, today called for restraint after the reclusive state said it planned a nuclear test in a move the US said would threaten world peace. ...  | Read.. 
US detection
The US has detected activity at potential test sites in North Korea indicating possible preparations for a nuclear test, but the evidence is not definitive, a US defence offi ...  | Read.. 
Scorsese lines up Oscar bout
Snubbed at the Oscars when The Aviator lost to Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby, Martin Scorsese has assembled a dream cast for his new movie The De ...  | Read.. 
Lone hijacker was unarmed
The man who hijacked a Turkish Airlines flight on Tuesday was unarmed, working alone and threatened to blow himself up if the pilot did not divert the flight to Italy, Italia ...  | Read.. 
Cloud on cool Condi
Although she is afforded celebrity status by many Americans, some analysts say US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice’s image may be tarnished by reports that she brushe ...  | Read.. 
Killer’s abuse plan
The man who stormed an Amish school and killed five girls had confessed to his wife he molested two girls 20 years ago, and police said he may have planned to sexually abuse ...  | Read.. 
Russell Crowe, who won a best actor Oscar for his role in Gladiator, in Madrid on Wednesday to promote his latest film A Good Year. (Re ...  | Read
Malawi Madonna
Wanted: ‘Enlarged’ women
Hawking’s Grand Design
Stephen Hawking, the Cambridge University physicist who wrote the best-selling A Brief History ..  | Read.. 
Rushdie struggles for energy
British novelist Salman Rushdie said yesterday that he has to struggle more to find the energy to w..  | Read.. 
Scientists discover new class of planets
Astronomers have discovered a possible new class of planets ...  | Read..