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Pastoral disquiet
What Pope Benedict XVI dubbed “startling brusqueness” has never been the sole preserve of lesser-known 14th-century Byzantine emperors. Many of the more evolved communicators of both this and the previous century have fallen back on parliamentary pun...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
In a different garb
Sir — It is a matter of great concern that a premier management institute decided to invite someone ...  | Read.. 
A country in which implementing the rule of law unleashes violence on the streets is in a very sorry state indeed. It would n...| Read.. 
Something had been rotting away in Thailand for a while. So, weeks before the nation was to let its will be known for a secon...| Read.. 
All things rotten
It is a Delhi phenomenon, one that is in the news, but symptomatic of the appalling urban planning, norms and regulations acr...  | Read.. 
There were gentlemen and there were seamen in the navy of Charles the Second. But the seamen were not gentlemen: and the gentlemen were not seamen. — LORD MACAULAY
Wrong book
John Wright’s Indian Summers Viking, Rs 495...  | Read.. 
Neon coloured ice cream
Bill Bryson is renowned as a writer of travel memoirs. His new book ... | Read.. 
Riding into the dark with the cowboys
Failed States : The abuse of power and the assault on Democracy by Noam Chomsky...  | Read.. 
When the size matters
Sensible, scholarly books still get published but the market rewards the s...  | Read.. 

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