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Bound by promises
I had written a year back in these columns on the ‘promises’ in the Constitution of India, Part IV (Directive Principles of State Policy), particularly Article 45, on the child- ren’s right to education. I now come back to it with some anxiety. One k...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Deepening the wounds
Sir — The Malegaon blasts show how vulnerable India is to such assaults (“Explosion in prayer crowd ...  | Read.. 
For Jharkhand, the celebrations have not stopped since its birth. Its politicians, providing for five changes of government i...| Read.. 
There are two mysteries about Pope Benedict XVI: his quotations and his apologies. And the head of the Catholic Church owes i...| Read.. 
Turned into zombies
When a civil servant is suspended or sacked for correctly billing a chief minister for the use of electricity, and then, when...  | Read.. 
Invitation to peace
The roller-coaster that constitutes the India-Pakistan relationship goes up one year and comes down the next. The first time Manmohan Singh and Pervez Musharraf met in New Yor...  | Read.. 
Nuclear help for a power lunch
Radiotracer and sealed source techniques continue to be widely used in various industries to achieve better control of production processes, to improve process efficiency, to ...  | Read.. 
The life which, of all the various lives we lead concurrently, is the most episodic, the most full of vicissitudes; I mean the life of the mind. — MARCEL PROUST