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An icon and her cult
When I was young, Nehru was my hero. He was an enchanting speaker and a great communicator, and I was quite under his thrall. So I went through school and college without entertaining any doubts about nationalization and commanding heights....  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Lessons in realism
Sir — Ashok Mitra’s “Heathen under every bed” (Sept 1), wants us to believe that the terror attacks ...  | Read.. 
Shameful conduct
Sir — The report, “Professor’s organs move back & forth” (Sept 7), shows that the hapless profe ...  | Read.. 
Miles to go
Sir — Sub-Saharan Africa may shiver to hear that in the 21st century, an emerging power like India ...  | Read.. 
Where there is a will, there is usually a way. West Bengal owes it to the boundless enthusiasm of the chief minister, Mr Budd...| Read.. 
Transition or regicide' The British Labour Party is trying to pull itself out of a “public nervous breakdown” (as a Labour ba...| Read.. 
Change The Course
If the police in this country were as efficient in putting murderers behind bars as they are in their treatment of defaulters...  | Read.. 
A system for subversion
The role of the speaker of the Jharkhand assembly extends far beyond serving or sitting over notices to the legislators. The recent controversy is a case study of how the spea...  | Read.. 
New vistas in innovation
With respect to safety, work on technical improvements includes larger water inventories...lower power densities, larger negative reactivity coefficients, redundant and divers...  | Read.. 
Philosophy is concerned with two matters: soluble questions that are trivial and critical questions that are insoluble. — STEPHEN KANFER