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Drugs monitor for right dose at right time
Bang & Olufsen, the maker of designer television and music systems, has struck a deal with AstraZeneca, the European drugs group, to develop a device to ensure that patients do not forget to take their medication....  | Read.. 
Ben-Hur, live in soccer stadium
Ben-Hur, the sword-and-sandal epic in which Charlton Heston swept to victory after cinemaís most famous chariot ...  | Read.. 
Battling the infection of despair
When Asha Jain gave a distraught call to a drug de-addiction centre in Bangalore last year, her husband, Sanjay, had already sunk to the last stages of alcohol addiction. He h...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: Sepia memories
A friend of mine and her sister have just had the onerous chore of clearing out their motherís flat after her death. With virtually every item in the flat evoking memorie...  | Read.. 
No more excuses
Drugs monitor for right dose at right time