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I have booked a row house at the Calcutta West International City. What are the long-term prospects of this township in terms of appreciation and quality of life'

Syed Zafar Abid, Abu Dhabi

The developer has promised to build a modern township there. If that, indeed, happens, the township is expected to provide fairly good quality of life. It is also well-connected to the city.

Although it is difficult to predict the appreciation, it is likely to be higher than the city average.


We bought flats from a promoter in Calcutta on the basis of super built-up area. According to the agreement, we are the owners of proportionate share of land on which the building has come up. But the agreement mentions that the right over the roof will be with the seller. Will the promoter have any such right after flats are sold on super built-up basis'

Also let us know what are included/covered under the super built-up area.

S.S. Basu, Calcutta

A super built-up area includes both carpet and built-up area. It also takes into account the proportionate area under the common spaces, for example, the lobby, staircase, elevator, the corridor outside the apartment, terrace, security room, electrical room and the pump room.

A part of the roof has to be a common area but the promoter can keep a portion with himself, too.


I have booked a flat in Kunadan Apartment in Teghoria. What are the things I should keep in mind before signing the agreement with the promoter'

I have also taken open space for garage. Should it be included in the agreement'

Is it necessary to get the agreement registered'

What could be the registration cost'

Hari Lal, on email

The first and foremost thing to check is whether the title of the property is with the promoter and he has the right to develop the land and sell it.

You should check if there is any tax claim on the property and if the promoter is indemnified from claims to the property. One should check out if the land is free from encroachment.

You should consult a lawyer who can help in preparing the agreement. He would also guide you on what you need to check. You can either include the garage in the agreement or make a separate one for it.

Registering the agreement is a good idea. The cost is 4 per cent of the sale value.

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