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Too late for Havana
The announcement last week that Shiv Shankar Menon would become the next foreign secretary on October 1 was the right decision at the wrong time. If only the decision had been finalized and announced at least a month earlier, the prime minister, Manm...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Do not forgive or forget
Sir — The report, “Death for child-smash sisters” (Sept 1), is likely to rake up the debate on the ...  | Read.. 
Changing images
Sir — Shuma Raha’s article, “For your eyes only” (Aug 28), raises a valid point about the stereotyp ...  | Read.. 
It is difficult to cite a single good reason why a government should run a film studio, a theatre or any other such venture. ...| Read.. 
Looked at perversely, Ms Sonali Das, who killed her newborn daughter with her mother’s help in a small town of West Bengal, w...| Read.. 
Business Of Words
I google, you google, he googles, we all google. Or do we' Not if Google has its way. The owners of that incomparable search ...  | Read.. 
A legend in the shadows
For ages now, Suchitra Sen has kept herself confined to her house. At times, there are speculations in the media about her, like when it was reported that she was considering ...  | Read.. 
Designs for the future
Thorium is three times as abundant in the earth’s crust as uranium. Although existing estimates of thorium reserves plus additional resources total more than 4.5 Mt, such esti...  | Read.. 
Crimes are created by Parliament; it needs a policeman to make a criminal. You don’t become a criminal by breaking the law, but by getting found out. — EDMUND LEACH