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Ozone truths
For years, the Cassandras have warned the world that the ozone layer is depleting. But the doomsayers may have jumped the gun. Last week, two UN agencies laid to rest such predictions of a looming climate catastrophe when they announced that the ozone layer that girdles the earth and protects it fro...  | Read.. 
Going online
THEY seemed to be an endangered species, relics of an era of delicacy and refinement doomed to extinction in the modern world. But now the geisha, the ...  | Read.. 
The real devil
A group of scientists collating global data on the depletion of the ozone layer in a small Bengal town has challenged the very basis of landmark clima ...  | Read.. 
Where's Pluto
Despite the planetary downgrade its celestial namesake got, Pluto, the canine, still remains Disneylandís star dog. As Mickey Mouse's faithf ...  | Read.. 
Ozone truths
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Impossible is not a term that applies for long to modern copying technology! Until Gutenberg invented the first printing machine with moveable type, printing a book was a laborious and slow task. When printing machines based on his inventions and tho ...  | Read.. 
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