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Nice laurels he has got
The prime minister’s Independence Day address had about 5,329 listeners at Red Fort. Of them, 3,000 were schoolchildren. About 500 were civil servants and other personal invitees to the occasion. Another 1,500 were security staff. And 329 were people...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Of tastes and preferences
Sir — Ashok Mitra’s article, “He loved French cuisine” (Aug 21), is one of those stories of wasted ...  | Read.. 
Playing with children
Sir — It is incredible that the Union health ministry could immunize nearly nine million children ...  | Read.. 
If nature abhors a vacuum, the latter invites speculation. This holds true for most fields of life but is most clearly observ...| Read.. 
It is almost the end of history for Nepal’s monarchy; only the future will tell if it is also the beginning of a new age for ...| Read.. 
Spoiling The Beauty
Why did India go wrong with urban planning' Why did the inherent aesthetic sensibility of the people across this land of ours...  | Read.. 
Birth of a definition
T he anti-reservation stir, which in all likeness is going to intensify as Central and state governments implement their other backward classes quota, brings to mind the situ...  | Read.. 
To invest in nuclear safety
Nuclear power plants have a ‘front-loaded’ cost structure, i.e. they are relatively expensive to build but relatively inexpensive to operate. Thus existing well-run operating ...  | Read.. 
The devil, having nothing else to do, / Went off to tempt my Lady Poltagrue. / My Lady, tempted by a private whim, / To his extreme annoyance, tempted him. — HILAIRE BELLOC