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Test your genes online
Want to know whether you are genetically predisposed to cancer, heart attacks or other major ailments' Just click a mouse. Log on to one of the sites (,, to name but two) that offer genetic testing and hundreds of other diagnostic assays, punch in your cr...  | Read.. 
Grow paddy, vegetables by the sea
If you think the pristine seaside is good only for growing coconuts, think again — you can grow paddy, or mustard or even vegetables. In what could b ...  | Read.. 
Test your genes online
Nano contact
Dark matter
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Old is reliable
My RAM has disappeared
Microsoft has recently started using a validation in Windows Genuine Advantage ...  | Read.. 
Virtual surgery
Eye surgery calls for a technically demanding skill. The surgeon must master the technique of using both hands and both feet in a coordinated manner to control microscopic instruments, the microscope and the vitrector system — all this while working ...  | Read.. 
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Prostate problems'
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Recommended: Moody companion
Winds of change Eugene Linden Simon & Schuster; $ 26.00...  | Read.. 
Ticking away to glory
European scientists are hoping to discover the secrets of biological , ...  | Read.. 
Reality Check
Never bathe or shower during a thunderstorm...  | Read.. 
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Why does the nose run on eating spicy food'
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