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‘She is more jealous than me. With much less reason’
Salman Rushdie moves with ease through the studied cool and white leather chic of his fashionable west London club. In his jerkin and grey trousers, Rushdie looks like he may have come to fix the fridge or go over the accounts with the restaurant man...  | Read.. 
The fizz and the buzz
Like most children of her age, Arushi Mathur, 9, likes the good things in life — chocolates, ice creams, chips, burgers or ev ...  | Read.. 
Spoilt for choice
At first look, Urban Yoga store on a Bangalore high street is like any other upmarket apparel shop. Clothes line the shop flo ...  | Read.. 
Pakistan looking for Indian swing
In political exile
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Teen talk
Tittle tattle
Ajay in the ascendant
A lot of people love Vishal Devgan’s eyes when they do the talking.Popularly known as Ajay Devgan, the actor too relishes this quality in himself. He prefers to let his work talk. The truth is, the man is not a great speaker. Not that he isn’t articulate, but he needs a good director to let his words leave an impact on audiences....  | Read.. 
celebrity circus
I’m not endorsing colas any more: Amitabh
As always, Amitabh Bachchan is in the news, or getting bonked on the head, for a variety of reasons, all at once. Last week, a lawyer wrote an open letter asking Amitabh Bachchan to look at the charges of contamination in the chocolates that he endor...  | Read.. 
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Digital lab for IPTV
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HOME ALONE: Salman Rushdie
‘She is more jealous than me. With much less reason’