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Party pill for US, sourced in India

New Delhi, Aug. 20: Brought up in Canada, Gurdish Singh Toor is young, loves cars, owns a handful of mean machines and doesn’t think much about spending Rs 50,000 a day in hotels.

Toor loves the good life. Apparently, he has been helping America have a good time, too — by supplying a banned substance that goes into the making of party drugs and controversial diet supplements in the West.

As many as 100 kilos of ephedrine, the banned substance, were seized from a mini-truck intercepted on Delhi’s Ring Road.

If the quantity of the contraband raised eyebrows, so did the occupant of a Honda CR-V piloting the mini-truck. Inside the sports utility vehicle, police found Toor, a 29-year-old Canadian of Indian-origin.

The police said Toor comes from a family that is doing well in Canada. Two years ago, he reached India with four foreigners and set up the network.

The arrest comes amid reports of a spurt in the use of party drugs — stimulants that have several adverse side effects — on the capital’s celebrity circuit.

Investigators claimed that today’s haul would have fetched $5 million (Rs 22.5 crore) in the US but the value could not be independently established. Another 600 kilos of white powder have been seized in raids.

The police said Toor sourced ephedrine from India and sent it through international courier companies to the US and Canada, concealing the drug amid other consignments. Most of the ephedrine found today was packed among cartons with paintings meant for export.

Ephedrine is used as an alternative to party drugs like Ecstasy and Ice. Ephedrine abuse can lead to anxiety, high blood pressure, palpitations, a heart attack or a stroke. But it is also used in asthma-fighting drugs.

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