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It’s the time to ‘temp’
When several Indian banks went in for Voluntary Retirement Schemes (VRS), they didn’t realise the piquant situation they were going to land up in. Where the scheme was thrown open to all, several of the brightest staff took up the offer. They re...  | Read.. 
The right moves to the top
WELL DONE. You’ve made that important step up to middle management. Now all you have to do is work hard; or should th ...  | Read.. 
Making the most of a tough choice
Mothers who work part time have to get used to the pros and cons of this career decision ...  | Read.. 
Gearing up
In 2001, Charlie Ferguson, an electrical engineer, then 50, was still six years away from retiring with a full pension from A ...  | Read.. 
Graceful exit
Q. Your job is being moved to a region with lower labour costs and your boss has asked you to train your replacement. How sho ...  | Read.. 
It’s the time to ‘temp’