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Bank freezes suspects’ assets
Nineteen of 24 British Muslims who are in police custody, accused of plotting to blow up 10 aircraft on the UK-US route with liquid explosives, had their assets frozen today, presumably to stop them from giving money to co-conspirators who may not have been caught. ...  | Read.. 
UK Muslims critical of govt
British Muslims criticised the government today for publishing the names of 19 men who police sources say are under arrest for allegedly plotting to blow up passenger planes ...  | Read.. 
Shadow of plot on film
Following the news early yesterday of a terrorist plot to blow up in-flight passenger airplanes, executives at Paramount Pictures considered scaling back advertising for the ...  | Read.. 
Flights return to normal
Airlines said flights were returning to normal today but warned of more cancellations and further delays at UK airports after a foiled bomb plot sparked a security alert and ...  | Read.. 
Israel starts bigger offensive
Israel has begun an expanded ground offensive in southern Lebanon after expressing dissatisfaction over an emerging ceasefire deal, government officials said. ...  | Read.. 
A passenger waits outside a terminal at Heathrow on Friday. (AP)
Tigers clash with army
Tamil Tigers and the army shelled each other in Sri Lanka’s north today and the battlefront o..  | Read.. 
Pope pleads for Jakarta clemency
Pope Benedict called on Indonesia today to stop the imminent execution of three Christian militants..  | Read..