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Rejected Romeo in bloodbath

Krishnagar, Aug. 6: A teenager drank poison and stabbed a girl before driving the blood-soaked knife into his own stomach on a fair ground in Nadia last evening after she repeatedly spurned his proposal.

Eighteen-year-old Sanjit Biswas died with the 14-year-old girl’s name on his quivering lips. Rupa Dutta (name changed) is now battling for life in hospital.

She could possibly not have said yes to the young suitor because her father was a rich weaver at Shantipur, famous for its cotton saris, and Sanjit’s father, also in the same trade, not so.

As in Shakespeare’s famous portrayal of teenage love trapped between two feuding families — the Montagues and Capulets — in Romeo and Juliet, the Biswases and the Duttas are sworn enemies.

Sanjit’s father Sufal is a former employee of Rupa’s father, Debendra Dutta (name changed).

Like Shakespeare’s Romeo, Sanjit is believed to have fallen in “love at first sight”. But Rupa did not apparently play Juliet.

Over the past six months, Sanjit’s attempts to propose to Rupa, a Class VII student, failed. She told him not to try to get closer. But the boy proved unrelenting.

The officer-in-charge of the Shantipur police station, Anupam Chakraborty, said Rupa was “aware of the bitter relations between the two families and was scared to respond, though she had a soft corner for him”.

Just two days ago she told Sanjit not to contact her ever.

Yesterday evening, Sanjit came to know that Rupa would go to the mela being held on the occasion of Jhulan on the outskirts of Shantipur town, about 70 km from Calcutta.

He stole a knife from his mother’s kitchen, poured a bottle of pesticide down his throat, like a hardened murderer would sometimes down a bottle of alcohol to spur him to a crime, and headed to the fair ground.

Around 6 pm, he saw her buying glass bangles from a stall with some of her friends.

“The pesticide must have made him dizzy. He tottered towards the girl, pulled her out of the stall and screamed that he wanted to kill her before killing himself,” a police officer said quoting witnesses. “Before the girl could react, the boy drove the knife into her abdomen and slashed her head and shoulders. Rupa slumped to the ground unconscious.”

Onlookers rushed towards the assailant, but he was already frothing. “He then drove the knife into his stomach and collapsed,” the officer said.

He was dead when taken to hospital.

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