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Yogyata, Yogyata where’ve you been' I’ve been to 7 RCR'

Why did you go to the PM’s house'

We wanted to meet him.

Did you have an appointment'


Why did you want to meet the PM'

Just because he was PM and we had a fancy to meet him.

Did you know it is a high security area'

I never knew that. We were joking and we thought we will ask at the gate how do we get inside to meet the PM.

Did security ask you for papers'

No, they did not ask for any papers... I told them you can check my car if there is a bomb. He (the guard) let us in.

Do you know you have committed a serious security breach'

I am so shocked to see that anybody can get in.

Meet Yogyata, a young air hostess who drove a black Hyundai Sonata into the Prime Minister’s 7 Race Course Road residence with two companions but was, sadly, turned away from the reception.

The Prime Minister was not available because he was in a cabinet meeting.

So Yogyata and her friends couldn’t say hello to Manmohan Singh though they had chosen the right day to visit. The Prime Minister would have been in a happy state of mind with the US House of Representatives clearing the nuclear deal.

There was a huge uproar after the incident around 9.10 pm over the alleged security breach by the young trio ' Bina, also an air hostess with Air Sahara, like Yogyata, and Imran were the others ' who probably had a tipple or two, according to police and got a little adventurous.

The PMO said there was no security breach as anyone can come up to the reception area from where they are turned away if they don’t have an appointment. That is exactly what happened to the three. There were reports that one of the girls said she was the Prime Minister’s niece.

“Do you have an appointment'” they were asked.


“Then you can’t see him.”

They didn’t get beyond the point where the security drill begins.

After a while the police intercepted the car on being told by the SPG. The three were being questioned at the Chanakyapuri police station.

On the way out from the Prime Minister’s house, Yogyata blew a kiss towards members of the media. She said she was from Jaipur and new to Delhi.

At the end of the little adventure, the girls were scared out of their wits. “Now what will happen'” asked Bina. When it was suggested by a TV reporter that they would have to call their parents and get a lawyer, she asked innocently: “Lawyer also'”

“We won’t be sent to jail, no'”

Maybe, maybe not.

But they are going to lose their jobs, for sure. That’s what Air Sahara president Alok Sharma said.

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