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Lover owns to Tanya murder
- Kitchen knife for mother used in killing
Gururaj Kishore, the prime suspect in the murder of Tanya Banerjee, after his confession on Thursday. Vitla Images

Bangalore, July 27: Gururaj Kishore had bought the second-hand Honda City to impress girlfriend Tanya Banerjee, who kept refusing to marry him.

The kitchen knife he had bought for his mother but had apparently forgotten in the car.

He drove it 33 times into Tanya’s chest and abdomen on Tuesday night, as her seat belt pinned her helplessly back, after she spurned his offer of marriage one more time, Kishore has told police.

The 27-year-old boyfriend and co-worker of Tanya, the BPO girl whose body was found on a highway 230 km from Bangalore on Wednesday morning, was picked up late last night.

In Calcutta, Tanya’s father Kalidas Banerjee said he was “wondering” if he should catch the Bangalore flight tomorrow to claim her body. “Yes, I feel like seeing my daughter one last time. But thinking about the several wounds she suffered ' I don’t feel like it.”

Tanya’s aunt Shobha Banerjee said Kalidas “is hurt by not only his daughter’s death but also the news of Tanya’s affair” with Kishore over the past seven-eight months.

It was 9.39 pm on Tuesday when, as usual after work, the 31-year-old Tanya had hopped into Kishore’s Honda, which replaced his motorbike two months ago, for a ride home. On the way, the old subject of marriage cropped up and led to a flaming argument, with Kishore accusing her of meeting other men. Then he just lost it, Kishore told the police. He felt around the car floor for the knife and found it.

It was 11 pm and they were in upscale Sadashiv Nagar. Kishore drove on to the highway to Mangalore, trying furiously to figure out alibis and ways to dispose of the body.

He seems to have calmed down quickly. Around 11.30, he sent an SMS from Tanya’s mobile to her roommate Shameem saying she was leaving for Calcutta to celebrate her birthday. He then switched off the mobile and his own.

He drove another two hours and a half before throwing the body off the car at Sakleshpur in Hassan district. He returned to his Rajaji Nagar home in the morning, wiped the bloodstains off the front seat and other parts of the car, and slept for two hours.

Around noon, he had a bath, changed, left his car at a Honda service station and returned home to the middle-class neighbourhood where he lives with his mother, a retired schoolteacher, and grandmother.

When the police visited Tanya’s office, Aviva 24/7, in the afternoon, her colleagues said they had, from the first-floor office window, seen her and Kishore step out together.

The post-mortem report from Sakleshpur has ruled out a sexual assault.

Kishore has been taken to Hassan for further investigations.

The young man, who was just two when his father left the family to live with another woman, is a diploma holder and had worked as a lab technician before taking up a call centre job. He and Tanya had joined Aviva 24/7 in June from another BPO.


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