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Opposition’s vision for state
- Normalcy with BCCI will be restored, promises challenger Mukherjee

Calcutta: The opposition has dismissed doubts over the authenticity of Sourav Ganguly’s e-mail in their support, saying it was “genuine” and “beyond any doubt.” A 25-point agenda, revealing their vision for state cricket, was also released on Saturday.

“The e-mail was addressed to Sanjay Chatterjee, who is Sourav’s maternal uncle. He has been co-operating with us in our preparation for the elections,” said a candidate on Prasun Mukherjee’s panel.

“Snehasish (Sourav’s brother) is sitting here. Had it not been genuine, do you think he would have released it'” Mukherjee maintained.

Announcing his panel, the police commissioner ' who is fighting for the president’s post ' ruled out any compromise with the ruling group.

“I personally met representatives of at least 94 clubs. I’ve come to understand their aspirations and requirements, and having discussed a lot of issues with them I’m hopeful we’ll win,” Mukherjee said.Incidentally, Nemai Charan Dutta of Howrah Sporting was present during the press meet. He is featuring as one of the vice-presidents on the panel of both camps.

Mukherjee also pointed out that one of his top priorities, if he wins the elections, would be to get the BCCI’s financial sanctions on the CAB lifted. “At least 80 per cent of CAB’s income depends on the BCCI’s grants. But since a sanction is in place now, it’s affecting CAB in all respects. If we come to power, I’ll try to settle the issue with the BCCI,” he said.

He also said bringing big matches to the Eden would be one of his preliminary aims. “I know BCCI has a rotation policy. But if you notice, it’s not always followed,” Mukherjee said.

Will he initiate any probe into the Dalmiya affair if he’s elected' “It’s a hypothetical question. But I’ll definitely try to bring CAB’s relationship with BCCI back to normal,” Mukherjee said.


To work for the game’s improvement not only in Calcutta, but also in all districts.

To take steps for development of school/college cricket.

To provide professional coaching facilities to all districts.

To consult all affiliated members regarding their actual requirements and try to support them in their activities.

To provide a clean and transparent administration.

To make working committee and all sub-committees really functional.

To try to obtain corporate sponsorship for clubs for maintaining their activities.

To help develop condition of the grounds available with the affiliated clubs in the Maidan and elsewhere in the city and districts.

To help develop and improve condition of existing stadiums in Calcutta and surrounding areas, jointly with the sports department (of the government).

To try to construct at least three zonal stadiums in the districts as Ranji Trophy venues.

To renovate Eden Gardens completely. To improve conditions of the gallery and provide adequate facility and comfort to the spectators and players.

To create conference rooms at Eden Gardens with proper furnishings, which can be availed of throughout the year for holding meetings, workshops, seminars and exhibitions by institutions other then CAB also on payment. This should help generate funds for CAB and help improve maintenance of the stadium.

Creation of a cricket museum at Eden Gardens.

To try to acquire own land from the government and build another completely modern stadium.

To demand from the BCCI that important games of international level are played at Eden Gardens.

To try to arrange participation of foreign/corporate teams with Indian cricketers in the P. Sen Memorial invitation tournament.

To start annual cricket season officially with an exhibition match involving all ex-Bengal cricketers.

To organise a festival match on February 3 (CAB Foundation Day) at Eden Gardens.

To create a panel of qualified coaches and umpires from among the retired players. To try to facilitate the necessary Level 1, 2 and 3 training locally in Calcutta instead of other centres, as at present. To help in the placement of these coaches and umpires.

To hold regular benefit matches and other programmes to raise funds to support all former Bengal players, umpires and others associated with the development of cricket in the state.

To consider limiting the period of tenure for the post of the president.

To introduce the system of an independent panel to conduct the annual CAB elections.

To increase of working committee members from second division clubs from 12 to 18.

To have a regular system of sports medicine support to players. Holding workshops and camps in districts for this purpose.

Creation of a CAB academy.

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