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Washout fears at bay

The city awoke to no more than a drizzle on Thursday, the morning after the deluge. Though the evening brought some brief, sharp showers after a day of mere pitter-patter, the Met office held out the assurance that no repeat of the Wednesday washout was in sight.

The weatherman based the forecast of 'light to moderate rain' in the next 24 hours on the trough of low pressure, that extended from Bihar to central Bay of Bengal across Calcutta on Wednesday, shifting slightly away from the city on Thursday.

'Due to this, we expect heavy rain in the coastal areas of south Bengal, but not in Calcutta,' said G.C. Debnath, director, weather section, at Alipore.

The forecast will draw sighs of relief, nowhere louder than the pockets of Calcutta that remained under water 33 hours and more after Wednesday's 'waterfall'. Metro visited some of these flooded spots on Thursday afternoon, hours after the Opposition staged a walkout from the House on the waterlogging issue.

Time: 3.30 pm.
Place: Paikpara

Waterlogged Zone: Tarashankar Sarani, Indra Biswas Road, Raj Kumar Chatterjee Lane, Khelat Babu Lane, Raja Manindra Road and Anath Nath Deb Lane.

Residentspeak: This is a low-lying area, so whenever it rains, we have to wade through water for hours. We have accepted this as our fate, something we have to live with... The CMC must do something about this but what can I say when former councillor Chhaya Banerjee, living next door, has accepted such a plight' ' Kaushal Basu.

Time: 5 pm

Place: Kasba

Waterlogged Zone: Stretches of R.K Chatterjee Road and its lanes and bylanes near Bakultala.

Residentspeak: Every year, it's the same story. Kasba is notorious for waterlogging and we are the worst hit. Water recedes very slowly, as it is a low-lying area and the drains are clogged' If the CMC takes the initiative and desilts the drainage system, the water would drain out faster. The rickshawwallahs force us to pay through our nose to travel the shortest of distances ' Ranjan Ghosh.

Time: 6.30 pm

Place: Behala

Waterlogged Zone: Silpara, near Sakherbazar.

Residentspeak: This is one part of our heritage we cannot be proud of it... But how can we blame the CMC or any other organisation when we, the residents, are equally at fault' Residents throw garbage at the crossings of lanes and bylanes. This is a low-lying area and on top of that, all the drains are completely blocked. The condition can only improve if both local residents and the CMC work in unison. 'Gopal Malakar.

LAST WORD: Most of these areas have no drainage structure, for which an ADB project is on, to be completed by 2008. This is transitional trauma for the people. ' civic commissioner Alapan Bandyopadhyay.

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