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Brace for a fresh torrent
A six-hour pounding from above sank much of Calcutta this morning ' some places were under water till afternoon, even evening ' as the civic authorities failed the first real test of monsoon this season. ...  | Read.. 
Classroom caves in with girls
A rumble was all they heard before the ground beneath their feet gave way, sending 15 students of a girls’ college in this Upper Assam town hurtling down an almost 10-fe ...  | Read.. 
Anil feeler for 60-acre health city in Bengal
Anil Ambani has shown interest in setting up a healthcare facility in memory of his father on the outskirts of the city. ...  | Read.. 
Bored boy plays Lashkar
Forced into family business, Sumit has some ‘adventure’
Sumit Tamrakar hates selling utensils. He must have realised by now that it’s far better than being locked up in a police station. ...  | Read.. 
A car is stuck on a flooded road in front of Millennium Tower in Salt Lake's Sector V. Picture by Aranya Sen
Brace for a fresh torrent
It's very bad, very sad. I can't believe what's happening

An Australian
leaving Beirut after visiting relatives
Soldiers on thin Blue Line
Israeli troops made about three incursions into southern Lebanese territory today to chase Hizb ...  | Read..
Amit gets doctorate& Amar preens
It was suitably dramatic but even after 37 years of acting and 160 films, this was not a role t ...  | Read..