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India lives, terror to terror
Still to recover from the Mumbai train blasts, the country today received a chilling reminder of the other violent front besieging it as Maoist guerrillas killed 26 people in a state-run “safe camp” in Chhattisgarh. ...  | Read.. 
World leaders stand with PM
If Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was looking for international backing for fighting terrorism against India directed from across its border and isolating its promoters, h ...  | Read.. 
RDX hints at ‘foreign hand’
Terrorism and explosives experts feel that the use of RDX in Mumbai blasts implies the role of “external state actors”. ...  | Read.. 
Why tsunami stayed away
Killer wave near Java would have taken 5 hours to hit shore
Within 15 minutes of the 7.2 magnitude undersea earthquake south of Java today, scientists at India’s tsumani watch centre in Hyderabad were peering at Indian Ocean sea ...  | Read.. 
India lives, terror to terror
I'm supposed to go to Borivli today to get my son's death certificate, but I won't be able to board a train

a blast victim
Tongue Twister:
Indian edge in a multi menu

Multicuisine. Indian, Chinese, Conti. I must confess that this kind of description of a restaurant m ...  | Read..
Some RDX, rest gelatin sticks
The powerful and difficult-to-access RDX and the locally available ammonium nitrate were bot ...  | Read..