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Blasts rip Kashmir gag
In a historic change with long-term policy implications for South Asia, the UN Security Council has acknowledged, following the July 11 Mumbai bomb blasts, that Jammu and Kashmir is a part of India. ...  | Read.. 
Birth to college to death, fakes on sale
The CID has smoked out a racket in foolproof fakes of crucial documents that has been flourishing in the city and on its fringes for the past eight years. ...  | Read.. 
Clergy rings terror alarm
Mulayam Singh Yadav’s clean chit to the Students’ Islamic Movement of India has deeply upset the Muslim personal law board and clergy, who are worried at the rise of suspected home-grown terror modules that seek to ...  | Read.. 
Polymer professor vs Nobel
Visva-Bharati alumnus wants to set a wrong right
Mrinal Thakur is an angry scientist ' outraged by the way the American scientific establishment has conspired to deny him his “rightful place” in the pantheon of N ...  | Read.. 
Another round of serial hoax bomb alerts, including a repeat false alarm on India Gate, kept police on toes in many places on Sunday. But, for a chang ...  | Read
The terrorist acts were on a scale that they could not have been accomplished without some external involvement

School boards smart from syllabi whip
Education councils of the Northeast are miffed with the National Council for Education and Rese ...  | Read..
Singh leaves Pak door ajar
Questioning Pakistan’s commitment to fight terrorism, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today ...  | Read..