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The state after terror
If one of the objectives of terrorism is to throw the state into some disarray, it is disquieting to see the ease with which it succeeds. While society at large has, tenuously, kept calm, in the wake of the recent terror attacks (though this calm sho...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Damage control
Sir ' 'Army first step in gender equality' (July 11) is not as pathbreaking as it seems. In 2004, t ...  | Read.. 
End of a promise
Sir ' A day after the Agni III ballistic missile plunged into the Bay of Bengal without hitting its ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir ' Any death is sad, including that of a farmer, and a death cannot be suppressed behind sanitiz ...  | Read.. 
Indians have an obsession with anniversaries. The current one high on the list of political priorities is the celebration of ...| Read.. 
Dressing for the funeral
Plan of action
No more a sitting duck
Relocation and rehabilitation
Raj Bhavan calling
Return offer
One of the great drawbacks to self-centred passions is that they afford so little variety in life. The man who loves only himself cannot, it is true, be accused of promiscuity in his affections, but he is bound in the end to suffer intolerable boredom from the inevitable sameness of the objection of his devotion. ' BERTRAND RUSSELL
The Talkative Indian
Itís talk time, folks. Switch on the radio and youíll hear the breathless prattle of a chatty radio jockey. Channel...  | Read..