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Durkheim in Vidarbha
Any investigation of the appalling increase in farmer suicides has to be set against the backdrop of two crises. While the agrarian crisis in some parts of India has become profoundly intractable, there has also been a general increase in the level o...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Unhappy state of affairs
Sir ' The policy of industrial disinvestment is going through a strange phase of twists and turns ( ...  | Read.. 
Reacting too much
Sir ' Israel seems to have started a full-scale war in Gaza over the kidnapping of one soldier ('Mi ...  | Read.. 
Small-time politicians are usually incapable of seeing the big picture. It must be a source of discomfort for Mr Buddhadeb Bh...| Read.. 
For North Korea, perhaps nothing succeeds like failure. Technically, its intercontinental ballistic missile test last week ' ...| Read.. 
Playing private games
To constantly demean the prime minister of India is just not on. The misuse of his non-combative trait of personality is maki...  | Read.. 
Enter the dragon
Moments before the Sikkim chief minister, Pawan Chamling, and his Tibetan counterpart, Champa Phuntsog, had cut a red ribbon and rewritten history at Nathu-la last week, the t...  | Read.. 
The taming of the bully
Failure to report offences [under section 32 (i)] shall be punishable, in case of a person in position of trust, with a term of imprisonment which may extend to 3 months and f...  | Read.. 
SCRIPSI an instrument manipulated by teachers for manufacturing more teachers, who when their turn comes will manufacture still more teachers. ' SIMONE WEIL