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Q:I am a 31-year-old chartered accountant with more than seven years of experience. I have spent the last two years as a sales manager in an insurance MNC. I took up my last job to get a first hand experience in sales as well as to get some corporate exposure. Now I want to join the banking industry. What are my prospects and can you suggest any short-term courses that would help me land a job in the banking sector'

Anand Lal

A:Chartered accountants are in great demand in the banking sector. So I don't see why you should do any short-term courses since your present qualifications carry considerable weight.

Q:I am a 29-year-old mechanical engineer from Regional Engineering College, Durgapur. I have done an MBA from IMT, Ghaziabad with specialisation in marketing. At present, I am working for a reputed MNC in Calcutta. I have a job offer on a contract basis from a Dubai company for similar work. Would it be a good idea to take up the job' Once my contract ends, will I be able to get a job in India'

Raj Chatterjee

A:I know that the cost of living and other expenses are quite high in Dubai. Since salaries in India have also become quite attractive, you should first consider how challenging your role would be in the new assignment' If you think the value added would be considerable, only then should you consider this offer. Getting a suitable job on your return is dependent on your job description there. Like I have already said, don't decide on the basis of monetary considerations alone. Accept this offer only if it enhances your CV.

Q:I have completed a diploma in civil engineering and am working for a private civil engineering firm. I want to do a one-year certified course in interior decoration. Could you suggest some institutes that offer such courses' Will this help my career'

Bhaskar Gope

A:Yes, this course will definitely augment your career prospects. There are several institutes with good credentials that offer courses on interior design. A quick check on the Internet will give you information that will help you decide on a course that suits your requirements. After doing this course, your firm could also start offering consultancy in interior design and expand the scope of its services.

Q:I am a civil engineer with a postgraduate degree in construction management from the National Institute of Construction Management and Research and am employed with a project management consultancy in real estate. However, I am keen on a career in project finance. What courses can I pursue for that'


A:You should do an MBA in finance. This course will surely help your career. But it would be much better if you went in for some job before enrolling for an MBA. Work experience counts a lot in the MBA entrance exams.

Q:I have completed MSc in bioinformatics in 2004. I am working on a project on non-small lung cancer cell drug at ISI, Calcutta. I want to work in biotech companies based in Calcutta. Is there any opening for me'

Snehangshu Roy

A:The demand for bioinformatics is on the rise. Companies involved in research definitely require your particular expertise. Thus, it's a good idea to network and scout for suitable opportunities.

Q:I am 28 years old and have a masters in statistics. I am working as a senior research fellow on a project in a Central government institute. I am also working as a statistical analyst for an HR firm. However, all these jobs are temporary. I am looking for a permanent position in an HR company as a statistical analyst. Would I need to study further'

Partho Pratim Bhadra

A:You don't need to go in for higher studies. In many companies, total quality management and HR is combined as one department. Quality initiatives in IT and in engineering manufacturing, companies use statistical quality control tools. Thus there is a huge demand for statistical analysts in the HR department of these companies. All that you need to do is to send your CV to placement consultants. That should generate suitable employment options.

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