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Vanishing into thin air
It sounds like magic: walls, curtains, even dresses could be rendered transparent by bathing them in a specially crafted beam of light. Rescuers could use the beam to peer through rubble after an earthquake, while doctors could gaze at a damaged lung after making a patientís skin and ribs vanis...  | Read.. 
Cooling the earth
In the past few decades, a handful of scientists have come up with big, futuristic ways to fight global warming: Build sunshades in the orbit to cool ...  | Read.. 
Vanishing into thin air
Star dust
Smell recorder
GM tomatoes
Genie in a bottle
AIDS taboo
Cleaner Calcutta'
Bits & Bytes: Beating the PC blues
Hereís how you can do some troubleshooting on your own ...  | Read.. 
Infections by flukes
If you love gorging on fish delicacies, hereís a note of caution. Undercooked crabs, crayfish or even fresh-water fish on your platter may lead to some serious infections caused by flukes or parasitic flatworms. ...  | Read.. 
The sex with more Stress
Should women be matyrs to their hormones' Just relax, says Vivienne Parry, our bodies know best ...  | Read.. 
Your Health: Siphon off the sugar
Diabetes cannot be cured, but it can be controlled by proper diet, exercise and medication ...  | Read.. 
The wealthier you are the more sleep you can get
No sting in this tale
Calf measures
Staying fit is a childís play
It's a dog's life!
Hereís a device that can help you understand whatís going on in your dogís mind, reports
Subrata Mukherjee ...  | Read.. 
Reality Check : A shot of whisky relieves a toothache.
If a little whiskey can ease the mind or dull the senses, then why not use it
on a toothache' ...  | Read.. 
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Brian Clegg
St. Martinís Press; $ 24.95
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