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Deconstruct, then panic
Anno Domini 2001 is ancient times, and yet not so ancient. Early in that year, an official committee, worried over stocks of foodgrains lying with the Food Corporation of India reaching close to 50 million tons, hit upon a wonderful idea. The carryin...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Test case
Sir ' India's 1-0 victory over the West Indies in the recently-concluded test series is reassuring ...  | Read.. 
On the border
Sir ' The enthusiasm about Nathu-la promoting India's trade ties with China is premature. For one, ...  | Read.. 
India has walked out of the Doha talks. At least, that is the way the commerce minister, Mr Kamal Nath, has sought to project...| Read.. 
In India, callousness can go on parading as concern. And it is deeply disturbing when children's education is the object of t...| Read.. 
With Fear and Favour
Stagnant rain waters swamp Bombay and bring the city to a virtual standstill; the wife of the late Parvinder Singh of Ranbaxy...  | Read.. 
Men will confess to treason, murder, arson, false teeth, or a wig. How many of them will own up to a lack of humour' ' FRANK MOORE COLBY
Blood protest
EASTER 1916: THE IRISH REBELLION By Charles Townshend, Penguin/Allen ...  | Read.. 
Home and away
Daughters of the Empire: A Memoir of Life and Times in the British Raj By...  | Read.. 
As the nation goes, so goes the popular
Of the people: Essays on Indian popular culture By Biswarup Sen, Chro...  | Read.. 
Eyes and ears of the queen
Ian Fleming called him M. John le Carre gave him the name Control. In reali...  | Read.. 

Murder on the menu