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Elephants take as long as 18-20 months to give birth to their babies ' the longest among all animals! Elephants are also among the slowest breeders. They first breed when they're 30 years old, but they can continue until they're 90! Females in the herd cooperate and help the mother in rearing the young. Rhinos can start having babies when they're four years old. Rhino calves can stand within minutes and weigh a solid 65 kg. Mothers hide their young in thickets to guard them from predators. Rhinos at times also adopt orphaned calves. Nilgai, one of the most ancient of all living antelopes, deliver their calves after eight or nine months of gestation. These herbivores live in semi-arid and scrub land. The mother separates from the herd as soon her calf is born, rejoining her when the baby is old enough to accompany her. River Tern chicks hatch out of pale coloured, blotchy eggs laid in a shallow depression scraped on the ground. Their parents feed them lots of fish, but as they grow older, their parents hunt frogs and a variety of invertebrates to supplement their diet.

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